About Us

Top Tamil News was founded in 2018 as Tamil online news portal. Since launching, our strategy has focused on the publishing of top-quality news covering international, national, local news, Political, entertainment and other categories like life style, spiritual, astrology, food, travel with an objective of educating & intimating the tamil diaspora worldwide.
With the growing focus on Video, Vernacular, Voice, Top Tamil News focussed on creating quality content, keeping our core audiences - The Millennials in the centre of everything we did. Distribution of content which in return delivers quality engagement was our biggest KPI & given our audiences have an attention span lesser than that of gold fish, this was our biggest challenge as well thus it was important to be present at the right place at the right time to engage with our audiences. While we launched our website, we focus on building strong social assets across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Helo and Share chat. We have exclusive YouTube channel in the same name.